World Leaders and Their Misguided Principles Are Destroying Us

When Donald Trump, the President of the United States, announced that religions have the right to object to tax funded abortions he was acting in accordance with the views of many world leaders. But by what right do they make the call that abortions should cease? What is lacking in their mental capacity that they fail to see the damage that over-population and unwanted children are doing to societies world-wide?

In Mexico, as elsewhere, children are living on the streets and eating from rubbish dumps from an early age because they are unwanted and discarded humans. They are literally considered ‘trash’ and many are shot or abused because of their status. Is that better than the abortion of a piece of tissue in the womb?

In heart-rendering scenes on television children in Africa and elsewhere are frequently displayed starving to death with bodies so emaciated that they are literally skin and bones. They and others have nothing but filthy polluted water to drink while drought and other natural events robs their nation of resources to sustain them. In some Catholic countries, such as Romania, unwanted children are rotting away in orphanages with stunted mental processes.

Parents denied contraceptives are encouraged by religious leaders, such as the Pope, to bear as many children as possible. While western nations have largely escaped the over-crowded, jobless, and depraved conditions of the third-world nations it is the less-educated within poorer countries that have swollen their populations to bursting point.

Europe is experiencing the onslaught of the exploding crisis in Africa and other regions. This has greatly unsettled many but who are they angry with? It is not the religions that have created this situation as well as the governments supporting them that they blame. With that in mind why then are they tolerated? Is it not these same religions that have murdered non-believers in order to gain support for their false gods and evil ways.

As they flounder in the wake of the constant brain-washing and claims of a better existence after death those who believe in and follow such leaders are herded like animals into mobs to be slaughtered by poverty, starvation, and false dreams. The charade is not only sickening but a great example of criminality at work.

My reincarnation and memory of passing from life to life sparked my research into the origin of religion in sun-worship. Over several millennia it has been refined, personalised, humanised, and magically transformed until the law and related concepts built the World Order and strengthened until they could not be overturned.

Without my back-ground and determination to unearth the roots and therefore the cause most would never conceive of the great power-struggle responsible for the situation. The world tethers on the brink of major catastrophic events and someone must expose the deceit and misguided principles. Isn’t it time for deaf ears to open and for common sense to prevail? The magic and mysteries that leaders hide behind are out-right ridiculous and they are destroying us.

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