These 7 ways will help you to find true organic products

Organic food means grown naturally. True organic products are genetically unmodified food those are grown naturally without any use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The organic yield is nurtured with naturally made fertilizers and pesticides that do not have any effects on the land and the plant itself.

There is no doubt in the fact that people have become aware of the benefits of organic food. There is a drastic increase in the demand for organic food in the whole world. It has now become important to know how organic your organic food is? The following facts will help you judge if the food you are purchasing is 100{8488ad65ef483b96dbe843ab55cf8a12de458430cb24894a13060eb0c4dfacde} organic or not.

Check the Appearance

organic veg
If you find a bunch of apples in an organic store which is looking identical, they might not be organic. Naturally, no two fruits or vegetables can look identical to each other, not even their leaves. That’ is how is and this is how it works.


Check the size

Genetically Modified food
The genetically modified Potatoes are surprisingly larger in size than the Organic Potatoes

You can easily sense a genetically modified vegetable by just looking at its size. They are too large as compared to the organic ones. Although it is not wrong to say that people do grow large fruits and vegetables organically too but they are very rare and highly priced.


Check the insects

organic spinach
With few holes in the leaves tells us that no pesticides are users on this spinach


If you find some of the traces of insects on the leaves of fruits and vegetables, you would not but that but actually it is a good sign. That clearly means that less or no insecticides and pesticides were used to grow up these plants. Insect too knows that inorganic food is not good. It is also obvious to get some worms or insects running in old pulses and grains, and that should make you happy as you have been consuming organic food. Simply keep your food in sun or wash and rinse them with water properly and they are good to be eaten. Remember, insects are not harmful, but pesticides are!!


Check the Taste

eat right
There is lot of difference in the taste of organically and conventionally grown food.

True organic products taste a lot better. Consume them raw and you can feel the real flavour on your tongue, unlike the inorganic stuff which tastes like nothing. Similarly, when you prepare organic food, you would not require adding a lot of spices and oil to make a palatable dish, their natural flavours do all the magic for you and they get cooked really fast. Whereas it takes ages to cook inorganic vegetables and even after adding an adequate amount of spices to the food, it’s hard to end up with a delicious preparation.


Check the Aroma

smell fruits
True organic food smells fresh and can be easily noticed.

You cannot resist nodding your head with closed eyes when you are smelling the real natural food. Organic spices have a very strong aroma because of the natural oil within which ads to their taste and characteristic. Organic fruits can be sensed from a distance. Keep some organic mangoes in a fruit basket at the corner of your room, and you will realize your home is full of its divine fragrance. Inorganic food does not have such strong smell and you have to bring your nose close enough to smell them good.


Check for the certificate

These stickers can determine how the food has been produced


There are norms to provide a certificate which can define how that particular food item is been grown or developed. This is not much practised for the local market and only taken care in the cases when the food item has to pass through the export compliances. These products sometimes also land up being sold on the local market too. You can find the stickers on them to check PLU (Price look up) code. A code starting from 8 means produced by the use of chemicals and with 9, it means true organic products.


Shelf Life

fruits and vegetables shelf life
Organically produced fruits have less shelf life but can be kept for long in refrigerators.

The shelf life or organic food is less, and that is pretty obvious because organic is all about eating fresh.

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