Breathing Exercises To Nurture Your Personality

Breathing is an involuntary process which our body performs to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. The breath is what keeps us alive and this is why breathing Exercises are considered to be an essential component of Yoga and Meditation.

Monks, Yogies and Munis work for years to master their breathing to channelize their inner sole and generate power to uphold the mind and reach the ultimate state of Zen or Nirvana



relaxed breathing


During meditation, the breathing exercises help to keep your mind and spirit empty of any unwanted thought. Many phenomena in our body,  such as our feelings, emotions, blood pressure and mindset are directly related to our breathing.

Just by obeying few simple breathing techniques, you can easily control these phenomena to magnify your overall personality and health


concentration with breathing


Breathing amplifies concentration

Concentration is very much dependent upon your breathing style. I am sure many people reading this would agree that they have a problem in concentrating or pondering on a subject.

Next time you when you feel lack of concentration, try to tune up your breathing. Start to inhale long and slow and exhale in the same manner. This helps your brain cells get filled with oxygen to stay focus and get deeper into thoughts or calculations easily.




Breathing technique to brings back your confidence

If you know how to manage your breathing, you can easily overcome conditions like stress and nervousness. Breathing exercises are also very effective in managing your anger by helping you stay calm and easy until that unfavourable time passes by.

Try making short inhale and long exhale with a countdown from a hundred to one. You will realize that you are turning to calm down and your blood pressure is getting back to normal and confident like ever before.

This breathing syncronizes your subconscious and conscious mind with the present situation and helps you to plan your actions and approach.


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Breathing can also be your Doctor

It has been found that three out of every five people in the world shows the symptoms of some or other type of depression. As I have spoken above, breathing controls many factors, mainly blood pressure and anxiety which are caused by tension and depression in humans.

During situations when you feel tensed or anxious, simply close your eyes for a minute and concentrate on your breathing. Start breathing at a steady pace. I am sure this will make you feel relaxed as it will bring down you.  blood pressure and stabilize your heartbeat.


breathing pranayam


Breathing exercises are an efficacious activity

For years, breathing is the essential part of yoga and gym. Few yoga positions are completely about body movement with controlled breathing.

There are some breathing exercises which can be used to make your lungs and diaphragm strong and efficient. Breath holding techniques are used by divers to train their body and lungs to withstanding conditions without or oxygen.

Pranayama is the exercise done by regulating breathing. These exercises and are claimed to be highly effective in weight loss and curing diabetes.

Obeying breathing exercises is a simple way to overcome the limitations you have been living in for long. You can practice it in no time during any hour of the day, at any place and with anyone.


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