Feeling unlucky? Try These Feng Shui Rules For Good Luck.

Do you know Feng Shui can bring you good luck? Well! Yes, trying Feng Shui can bring your life back on the track. So, let’s understand what is Feng Shui and how to implement it.

A pseudoscience originated in China also termed as geomancy, thoroughly named as Feng Shui. The literal meaning of the Feng Shui is “wind-water”.

Feng Shui is one of the five arts of the Chinese metaphysics which works on invisible forces that balances the universe, humanity and earth, ordinarily known as chi or qi.

The history of the Feng Shui started in China and have spread worldwide. Basic Feng Shui Rules has benefitted people in every aspect of life, be it improvising health, gaining some wealth, wanting to get married or expanding the social circle. This ancient Chinese science has a solution to every problem.

Feng_Shui map
The Feng Shui Map


Use Feng Shui in your home

Feng Shui triggers the positive energy from the invisible force by allocating them in their respective directions. Following some simple tricks in your home can change your life completely bringing along harmony, good luck and better opportunity in life.


The bedroom

You must be thinking how you can make wealth by changing things in a bedroom? But, there are simple Feng Shui Rules which you can notice and change them. Fluffy mattress and pillow will relax you along with bringing restoration and peace. Avoid putting shoes, suitcase, books, pictures or files under your bed to get rid of mental stress and tension.




bamboo tree
Keep the Bamboo plant at the main door entry for prosperity and steady growth.



Brighten Hallway

The positivity in your life improves with the bright hallway. This Feng Shui rule has a  logic behind brightening the hallways is to lighten you up internally because the hallway is a representation of the meridian and you can immaculate your arteries and veins by illuminating it


Mirror Wall
Use Mirror wall to activate the Water element there as well as to give you a positive glimpse of yourself on your way out the door

Mirror, Mirror on the wall!

Mirrors are the strong source to reflect energy, be it positive or negative. So, make sure that the mirror does not focus kitchen, trash or bed. Try to make mirrors reverberate positive energy by emulating beautiful things.



The Five Elements

We all are made of the five elements i.e. earth, water, fire, wood and metal. Keeping these elements in your home represents keeping balance in your life. Try to keep these elements as a decorative item by placing a wooden bowl filled with water adding some flowers and a candle (can be aromatic for a relaxation) in it.


5 elements
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water — bring balance and harmony into your life in almost limitless ways.

Natural Plants

As per the Feng Shui Rules, Natural Plants are for life balance or promoting good health bring in some fresh green plants like bamboo and money plant in your living home. Plants also help in creating balance by drawing closer connections within your relations.


house plants
House Plants will bring spiritual healing and be-positive feeling.

Front Door

The positive energy flows within your house as well as outside of it. To attract the outside energy flow into your home try placing a red rose or any other red blooming flower plant. You can also hang anything like red wind chime to your front door.


Door Bells generate positive vibrations


Derangement or litter

Litter or deranged home will lead to negative vibes hinder your good luck. Although Hiding clutters is a quick action but it won’t help solve the problem so use the weekend to clear the clutter and make your home orderly


clutter free area_feng shui
Clutter-free surroundings bring harmony among family members

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