Important tips for the safety of your during dog days .  

Certainly, the dogs are the human’s best friend and we all know that. Looking at them, you can do nothing but only smile. Every time when you are back home, they are much overjoyed in give you a warm welcome and expressing their happiness by shaking their body and wagging their tail.

Dogs are very sensitive animals. It becomes very difficult for them to keep themselves cool therefore it is very important to give your best friend some extra care to during dog days.


What bothers your puppy in summers, especially during dog days?

You must be aware that dogs do not sweat much. Usually, dogs try to stay cool with the help of panting. Now, what if they only had hot air to breathe?  Getting cool becomes a lot harder for themselves in such conditions. This is why we bring you up with some very important tips for the safety of dogs in summers. Especially when you are taking your dog out for a run, hike, picnic or maybe swimming.


Dog on a beach
Beach can be the best place for dogs during summer


Hygiene is important.

In dog days, the dog’s immunity becomes weak are more likely to get attacked by flies, mosquitoes and other insects. They can make your dog suffer from some very bad conditions like heartworm, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Try to keep your dog clean and dry.


Some fun in water can be useful.

Offering your dog days in the pool is the next best thing you can do to your friend. Dogs love playing around in water during summers. This helps them to keep the body temperature low maintains the blood circulation in them.


Boxer in the pool
Most dogs love the pool


In the swimming pool, stay with your dog.

The dogs love for water can make them jump in a swimming pool. In conditions where your dog cannot get out of the pool by himself, he could drown so keep an eye on him while your dog is enjoying your pool.


All time access to food, water and shelter

you must make sure that your dog always has an access to some shade where he can take some rest, have some food and drink some water. You must try to keep them in the shade as much as possible to prevent them from heat stroke



Dogs behaviour changes during dog days


Love and attention

not just the home and the food, dogs also need a lot of love and affection from you. Your attention keeps them charged and active. And the best part is the more love you will give them, the double you will get in return from them.

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