How To Make A Laughing Buddha Statue Your Lucky Charm?

Laughing Buddha statue is popularly known as ‘Pu-Tai’ in China and ‘Hotai’ in Japan. Laughing Buddha has now become an integral part of the Chinese pseudoscience – Feng Shui.  This Happy Buddha statue is recognized as a symbol of happiness, positivity and prosperity.

This statue of a fat monk with a large belly and laughing face depicts an old Chinese monk. The story behind this is very interesting. A Chinese chubby monk used to travel from one village to another and whenever he reaches the central market of the village. He used to laugh out loud in public and distribute gifts to the children from his cotton sack. Seeing that everyone is laughing at him,  he laughed even louder. This is why people named him as ‘laughing Buddha’ or ‘Happy Buddha’.

The laughing Buddha is often mistaken for Gautama Buddha. Actually, both are two different personalities and are very different from each other.


Large statues of laughing buddha are easy to find in China, Japan and Indonesia.

How to place a Laughing Buddha Statue?

When you think of installing a laughing Buddha statue; the entrance of your home or office is the best spot. Here you can receive the maximum benefits of the positive energy released by him.

It is said that rubbing the big round tummy of the statue of a laughing Buddha brings a lot of good luck and financial growth to the person himself.

Nowadays, the Happy Buddha statue has become a piece of decorative item and can be found in many forms, holding a variety of items and props. Sometimes, these items add a specific meaning to the figure of Buddha.

Whatever things he may have with himself, the sole purpose is to attract prosperity, love, happiness, longevity, health and wealth to the place it is been placed


happy buddha
Gift a Laughing Buddha idol to wish someone Good Luck.

The important points for a Happy Buddha

You must keep in mind these feng shui points while placing a Laughing Buddha statue in your home or office premise to avoid any negative effects.
1) Budha may not like sitting on your floor. Try to place the figure at your eye level.
2) Kitchen and bathroom are not the right places for the Buddha. Avoid placing him there.
3) Keep him away from electric equipment, they create hindrance in his vibes and he doesn’t like them at all.
4) Dint forget to remember him by laughing out loud and lighting a candle for him on 8th of every month, this is his birthday.

And at last, I would like to give you a Buddha quote –

Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be the happiest”

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