Organic Food- Have a life in an organic way!!

Try organic food … or as your grandparents called it, food


Organic farms
Spraying any pesticide is strictly banned in organic farms.


The term ‘Organic’ refers to how the food is agriculture and proceeded. The organic food and products are produced by avoiding the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These products focus only upon the usage of natural yield accelerators like vermicompost and earthworms.

It is well understood that our food has a major impact on our body and lifestyle. After all, food is a source of all minerals, proteins, and vitamins which our body requires to function properly. Having said that, it is equally important for us to intake right type of food. The right food and correct quantity help us in maintaining the balance of these substances in our body.  This balance keeps us fit and far away from to some serious health issues.


What is wrong with the conventionally grown food?


If not good to breath, how it can be good to eat?


The conventionally grown food is found to have traces of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals affect the body when consumed. Studies have shown that this has been the major cause of cancer and several other neurological diseases

With organic products, you can have the surety of the freshness because they are produced without adding any preservatives. Consuming organic food also. If you are consuming organing food, then you are practically avoiding the intake of residues of pesticides.



Benefits of organic food in daily life


organic vegetables
One good reason to eat them is they definitely taste better and fresh.


Now we understand that there are direct benefits of organic food to our health. The organic food also helps in bringing positive effect on the environment. If we avoid using the pesticides and chemical fertilizers, we can easily restore the health of the soil. This will also help us in preventing the land and underground water from being contaminated. This will, in turn, restore the ecological balance of the surroundings. It is also found that if we practice organic farming, it will make 80{8488ad65ef483b96dbe843ab55cf8a12de458430cb24894a13060eb0c4dfacde} of the nearby groundwater fit for drinking

Organic food is gaining popularity all over the world. Many countries are supporting their farmers to shift totally towards organic farming. Everyone’s contribution is necessary as to make this world a better place.

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