Pink City – Jaipur – the king of Indian culture

India is incomplete until you visit the Indian state ‘Rajasthan’ and experience the tradition and culture of Royal India. Rajasthan – literately means King’s (Raja) land (sthan) and therefore you can expect the real royal treatment and affluence of royalty in its cities. One of such city and the capital of the state, Jaipur is also recognized by the name Pink City. The color pink was considered as a symbol of hospitality so the King of Jaipur, Maharaja Ram Singh painted the whole city in pink.

Jaipur is an amazing place to come. Calling her the vintage wonder of India is no wrong. The city celebrates cultural activities around the year.  Being the capital of the state, Jaipur is experiencing modernization and transformation at a very fast pace. Meanwhile, the city has also kept her proud culture in her heart. This old heritage city has blended perfectly with the new age modern lifestyle and fashion trends.


Jaipur is the history everywhere. There are palaces, forts, gardens, temples, old roads, traditional shops, heritage properties and what not.  There is always something more to see here and this is why reaching to its sole is not possible with a single visit to this place. But obviously, there are certain edges of Jaipur which you cannot afford to miss while you were here.




How old I am  – the forts

Amber Fort, Jaigarh, and Nahargarh are the thee majestic forts of Jaipur and there are Albert Hall and City palace which are the museums of the city.  Apart from these, there is also Jantar Mantar, a mystical observatory which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Visiting these places will definitely teleport you go back in the time of Kings and Rulers of India.


Buy some India – the markets

Market of JaipurMarkets in the Pink City are full of colorful traditional stuff and street foods. The streets have many old shops and vendors selling Jutiya (Indian leather shoes) and bangles. You can also find some unique variety of antique showpieces and traditional home decoration items. There are also shops where you can get some Rajasthani poshak (dress) and typical Indian items of clothing. Among these shops, you can also find some of the best Indian street food to make your tummy happy and give you more energy to explore the amazing markets of Jaipur.




On the spiritual side –  the temples

birla mandir

This jewel of Rajasthan is also a good place for your spiritual appetite. You would love to give a visit the mighty Birla Temple, the beautiful Akshardham Temple, the great Govind Dev Ji Temple, the Blissfull Moti Doongri Temple and the powerful Garh Ganesh Temple.  All of them are the marvelous architectural landmark of Jaipur.






Wanna Hang out – the modern Jaipur

World Trade ParkThe Pink City has expanded itself into a well planned, clean and smart city with many places to party, hangout and shop around. The cafe culture is prevailing well here. You can easily find a lot of youth and the young couples hanging around at several places. There are a lot of fine restaurants, pubs, and bars for all budget range. You would love to visit places like World Trade Park, MGF Mall, WTF, House Of People and Central Park to have a closure look at the modern Jaipur

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