Yoga, an Art of Grafting Human Anatomy

We are well aware of the benefits of the Yoga. Yoga is a powerful form of exercise but at the same time evolves your mind, body, and soul. The term yoga came from the utmost Lord of Hindu, “Shiva”. He was entitled as “Adiyogi”.

Yoga is a consolidation of mind, body, and soul where all of your body parts gain strength, resilience along with appeasing your mind.


Yoga pose
These poses of yoga are known as Asana. Each asana has its own significance and benefits


Yoga principally focuses on asana notable as postures and concentrating on breathing through Pranayam. The true meaning of Pranayam evolves with the Prana which means energy flow and the Yama which means social ethics.

Yoga truly focuses on building the connection between the mind and the body therefore Yoga stimulates your mind’s concentration on specific parts of your body. This will lead in sharpening mind along with enhancement in concentration.


Shiva Yoga
Lord Shiva is the first and the greatest Yogi or “Adiyogi”


Lord Shiva particularly performed Samadhi (meditation) and Yoga Nidra. Since both meditation and Yoga Nidra are different forms of Yoga; Yoga Nidra is also realized by and for the people with depression and anxiety issues.

The state of being in a total relaxed condition without sleeping and being aware of the inner terrene is Yoga Nidra. This form of yoga is best to release tension and control anxiety.


nidra yoga
A style of yoga specifically used to cool down the body and opens the gates for meditation


The age-old concept of yoga is being followed across the world. According to Sanskrit Archeology consists of multiple poses which were referred as:
1. Mudra(Seals)
2. Bandhana(locks)
3. Kriya(actions)


Forms of Yoga

Yoga today is not confined only to India, its originator and has spread worldwide.  Yoga is carried out in various forms. Nowadays, Hatha Yoga has gained its acclaim. People prefer what is trending, so hatha yoga became the most recommended form of yoga to practice. however, the other most commonly used yoga forms or types are:

Kali Ray Tri,
Kundalini, and


hatah yoga
Nothing stretches your body better than these advanced Yoga poses


All forms and styles of yoga have a common goal of human wellbeing and improve the overall health of the body by developing a connection between the mind and the body. These are few common benefits of yoga-

1. Brawn and Ductile Body

With the amplified time and age we tend to lose our flexibility. Yoga helps in regaining it back along with the strength in our body.

2. Fights ailments

With the immense strength and flexibility the body’s potency to fight ailments like diabetes, asthma increases.

3. Accentuate Mood

Yoga helps uplift your mood by inflating ductility in the body. With the regularity, yoga makes you feel positive and energized with every passing day.

4. Liberates From Hypertension

A very common ailment and considered to occur in adulthood, hypertension or high blood pressure occurs with too much stress. Yoga Nidra is specially designed to release the stress and relax your mind and soul.

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